Phyto-zol, a new CBD brand and product, plans to launch globally in 2018 and needed a broad range of help that includes branding, creative, user experience design, and ecommerce technology services on the Shopify platform. New site coming soon!


Does your CBD deliver? Phtyo-Zol is scientifically proven to deliver a greater amount of active ingredient through the skin faster. The Phyto-Zol team contracted PIVOT to help them with brand design, product design, eCommerce and assistance with launching their new online brand in the USA and Australia.


Needed help with their new CBD brand, business strategy, marketing, product design, eCommerce, and system integration.

Required a specific design that catered to a more serious CBD consumer like athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Require a US and international launch on day one.

Needed help with fulfillment, 3rd party integrations and Amazon.


Partnered with them on new brand and product packaging concepts.

Consulted them on brand creative, digital marketing, and managing growth post-launch.

Built their new online store into the Shopify Platform.

Integrated multiple 3rd party applications like Mail Chimp, Google and Social eCommerce. Amazon fulfillment integration.

I have worked with the team members of PIVOT for over 10 years and have found all team members to be professional, courteous and very results oriented. I would strongly recommend the PIVOT team to any company/individuals who are looking for superior results in website creation or whatever digital needs might be needed by your organization.

Phyto-Zol is scheduled to launch their new website soon.