Heath Ceramics Launches Shopify Gift Registry

Heath Ceramics launches a new custom gift registry app on Shopify featuring craftsmen designs from their extensive product collections.

Heath Ceramics wanted to launch a centralized gift registry app for their Shopify site. They had previously used two separate apps to support their two registry types:
  • Save All - A virtual registry that adds money to a gift card balance every time someone purchases a gift off of the registry
  • Ship All - A conventional registry that sends the registrants the actual product when someone purchases an item on their registry
Heath Ceramics tasked PIVOT with creating a custom registry app within Shopify which would allow them to remove their two 3rd party registries, integrate with Shopify data, and unify all registry activities into one centralized location.

PIVOT was looking at a major development undertaking. Because the previous registries were independent from Shopify, PIVOT would need to merge data from each program before migrating to the new custom Shopify app. The data migration involved moving ~3,000 registries as well as replicating integral business processes and requirements into a new and improved system. PIVOT would also need to refactor all of the front-end UI related to registries to connect to the new app.


PIVOT launched a gift registry app within Heath Ceramics’ Shopify store. PIVOT launched a completely custom app which allows Heath Ceramics to have a more streamlined, efficient, and manageable gift registry on their store.

The custom gift registry app:
  • Gives Heath Ceramics one unified place to manage all registries – greatly improving their customer service workflow around registries, business operations and analytics
  • Integrates directly with Shopify: using associations to Shopify customer records and addresses making customer data more secure
  • Gives Heath Ceramics customers ease of use: switching between the ship all and save all registry types as needed
  • Automates processes that were manual in previous systems
The app also ties into other Shopify features on the site, such as:
  • Heath Custom Gift Card App - A custom app PIVOT built that manages gift cards created for virtual registries
  • Postmark - A 3rd party email service to manage/send registry related emails
  • Shopify POS - In Store users can now purchase items from a registry and the sales team can easily add those orders to the Registry App so registry owners can see updates on their registry
Click here to check out the new gift registry on Heath Ceramic’s Shopify site.