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PIVOT Elevates KUIU’s Ecommerce Business With Stellar Shopify Plus Design and Development Services

KUIU, a premier outdoor apparel brand, faced significant hurdles with their former ecommerce development partner. Inefficiencies, miscommunications, and a cumbersome ticket-based system hampered their progress. In November 2022, just before their major "Biggest Sale of the Year" campaign, KUIU sought a transformative partnership with PIVOT.

Industry-recognized Shopify Plus ecommerce agency, driven to amplify the value of your brand.

TheChallenge( KUIU )

KUIU's primary challenge was finding a development partner who could swiftly grasp their needs, minimize the need for constant clarifications, and deliver timely, high-quality results. They aimed to enhance their online presence, streamline project management, and upgrade their ecommerce platform’s design and functionality.

Industry-recognized Shopify Plus ecommerce agency, driven to amplify the value of your brand.

TheSolution( KUIU )

PIVOT's comprehensive understanding of KUIU's existing setup and customizations played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless transition from their previous partner. Their adeptness in swiftly grasping requirements and delivering preview links led to a substantial reduction in project turnaround time. Additionally, the implementation of a shift to weekly releases not only enhanced quality assurance but also minimized simultaneous changes for a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

PIVOT’s desktop UI/UX design for KUIU’s collection listing page with product filter and sort experience

Collaborating closely with KUIU's VP of Design & UX, successful overhauls were achieved, encompassing redesigns of the mini cart and product listing pages. PIVOT effectively met requirements and actively enhanced existing code standards. The implementation of regular, concise meetings replaced lengthy discussions, resulting in clearer communication and efficient problem-solving processes.

KUIU experienced a remarkable improvement in project efficiency and quality. The redesigned mini cart and product listing page elevated the customer experience and reflected KUIU's upscale brand image. The partnership also positioned KUIU favorably for upcoming Shopify updates.

PIVOT’s desktop UI/UX design for KUIU’s product description page with estimated shipment arrival date information
PIVOT’s mobile UI/UX design of search and generated search results experience

PIVOT's partnership with KUIU exemplifies how the right collaboration can revolutionize an ecommerce platform. PIVOT's expertise in Shopify Plus and its efficient project management and design capabilities have significantly enhanced KUIU's online presence, setting them up for continued success.

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