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Considering the switch from magento to shopify Plus

It may be time to level up your ecommerce platform. Are you curious about upgrading your shop to Shopify Plus but worried about the process, losing data and how long it will take? We’ve got the answers you need.

The only multi-channel enterprise platform where businesses can start, grow, and scale — all backed by an ethical pricing model.

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Don’t know where to start in the migration process? Don’t have the time or energy to rebuild your brand website? Leave it to our team of experts, developers and designers to take your brand to the next level.

High Volume Traffic Performance

Supporting 10,000+ checkouts per minute, scale your website conversions with the top enterprise ecommerce platform.

Global Storefronts

With 175 countries and 20 language options, capitalize on global reach by selling everywhere your customers are.

Customization + Flexibility

Boost sales and online conversion rates with personalized customer experiences.

Sell Everywhere

Create cutting-edge shopping experiences that blur the line between online and offline with replicated retail experiences and product videos.

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( Switch to Shopify Plus )

Migrating your ecommerce platform can be a daunting task. We get it. Our goal is to make the migration process as easy as possible for you, and also eliminate any down time in your online operations.

( 01 )Identify your goals for why you’re making the switch
What are your biggest concerns with your current ecommerce platform and online shop? Is your Magento license expiring and you’re wanting to explore other options? Are your customers complaining about long load times? Do you have a vision for your site that your current platform simply won’t allow for? Let’s break down the WHY.
( 02 )Start the design process
So you’ve decided to make the switch. There are some key questions you need to ask yourself when you begin the design process. Being that this will be the visual representation of your brand, we’ll work together to identify and implement the right approach for your brand.
( 03 )Plan for the experience
Let’s go back to step 1 where we identified all of the current pain points you have with your current website. We’ll work together to ensure that your new Shopify Plus website is fully optimized with the appropriate theme, apps, integrations and add ons. We also offer custom designed user experiences so let’s think BIG!
( 04 )Migration
We’ll save you the headache of the technical processes for data migration. All you need to know is that we will work together to migrate your content, product, customer and reporting data to ensure everything is where it needs to be.
( 05 )Launch and Optimize
Congratulations! You’ve successfully migrated to Shopify Plus. Once your new store is live, we can continue to optimize and update your site for new product launches, app integrations or adjust any optimizations as your brand grows.

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