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KUIU’s Biggest Sale of the Year: A Masterclass in BFCM Readiness

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting a fireside chat at DTCx6 Global with Hayden Jones, Sr. Digital Commerce Operations Manager at KUIU Ultralight Hunting. In our session, we uncovered the behind-the-scenes strategies that go into planning and executing KUIU’s Biggest Sale of the Year (BSOY) – their “Super Bowl” that coincides with the start of the hunting season and Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BCFM).

The Significance of BSOY

The Biggest Sale of the Year (BSOY) is KUIU’s cornerstone event, generating approximately 25% of their annual revenue. The strategy is a full-throttle effort involving increased ad spend, customer support, and all-hands-on-deck – with employees across the company supporting the customer service effort to maintain an impressive serviceable rate of 90-95%.

Strategic Alignment with the Hunting Season

The timing of BSOY is crafted to give hunters the advantage of equipping themselves with KUIU’s gear right at the heart of the season. This unique positioning distinguishes KUIU from competitors, who typically offer their deepest discounts later in the month.

Preparation and Strategy

Behind the scenes, KUIU’s strategic groundwork begins months ahead, with post-event reviews, middle-year checkpoints, and intensive ‘Holiday Readiness’ planning. By focusing less on promotions throughout the year, KUIU ensures the BSOY stands out, coupling compelling messaging with strategic release schedules to cut through the market noise.

Elevating Customer Experience

Understanding their customer demographic, KUIU emphasizes onsite search functionality, refreshing homepage design daily, and employing rigorous site monitoring tools. These strategies ensure a compelling and seamless customer journey during the peak sales period.

Partnership with PIVOT

KUIU’s collaboration with PIVOT, a Shopify Plus Agency Partner, is integral to their e-commerce success. PIVOT’s expertise in Shopify allowed KUIU to streamline operations, double productivity, and provide a stable and efficient e-commerce experience. This partnership exemplifies the power of aligning with agencies that resonate with a brand’s ethos and generate operational scale.

Advice for Peak Sales Readiness

Jones’s advice to those gearing up for their own peak sales events is clear-cut:

  • Understand your customer and their purchase patterns.
  • Leverage seasonality and smaller events for testing strategies.
  • Establish strong partnerships that complement your team’s skills.
  • Implement a code freeze well before the event for a stable e-commerce platform.

The chat with Hayden Jones offered a treasure trove of tactics and lessons, illustrating the intricate dance of strategic planning, teamwork, and partnership that underpins the success of KUIU’s BSOY. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce professional or just starting, these insights can guide you in mastering your peak sales period.

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Fireside chat

Catch the recording of the fireside chat with Hayden at DTCx6 Global.

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