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Shopify Editions Summer ‘23

Last week, Shopify rolled out Shopify Editions. Shopify Editions introduces 100+ new product updates, designed to help businesses on their platform to be more productive, creative, and successful than ever before. Shopify is leaning into the power of AI to drive its platform toward the commerce of the future.

Explore some of the new AI-featured releases with Shopify Editions:

  • Magic: Shopify Magic combines AI and Shopify data to optimize and improve features across the platform. Now you can spend less time on manual tasks, and get more done, faster. Shopify Magic includes:

    • Email optimization: Generate compelling subject lines, create engaging email content, and find send times with the highest impact using Shopify Email.

    • Smart replies: You can review, edit, and respond to live chat inquiries instantly with smart replies in Shopify Inbox. Coming soon.

    • Instant answers: Publish personalized FAQs and responses with Shopify Inbox.

  • Sidekick: Shopify’s AI powered assistant for Merchants. Now, you can use everyday language to improve your store, tackle time-consuming tasks, and make smarter business decisions. From suggesting the best apps for your business to helping with marketing campaigns, Sidekick answers questions, solves problems, and helps you get more work done, faster.

Shopify Editions also includes 20 developer updates. Allowing developers to more easily update Flow actions, POS workflows, updates to checkout and so much more.

Learn more about how Shopify is leveraging opportunities with AI to create the commerce of tomorrow with the latest from Shopify Editions. Stay tuned for more updates and product features from Shopify Editions, available on PIVOT’s blog.

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