TRI Pointe

Helping the TRI Pointe Group translate creative designs into an online mobile user experience that is tailored for 55+ baby boomer homebuyers.


TRI Pointe Group is not just in the home-building business, they are in the life-changing business – designing smarter homes that inspire better lives. In their pursuit to build the best homes and communities in the world, they recognized an opportunity for the under-served 55+ Baby Boomer home buyer. With an innovative and authentic vision, they looked to PIVOT to help transform their vision into a creative design and compelling online experience for this target market.


Struggled to articulate creative vision and had no site design or UX experience.

Challenges with development team and how to deliver designs that can be coded quickly and properly.

Great opportunity to communicate and target the Baby Boomer home buyer.

Challenges with existing design agency moving from style guide to a functional front-end.

Demographic design challenge (Boomers).

Critical needs for lead generation for long home-buying lead time.


Enhanced and refactored the design of existing UI of key, high-traffic pages. Prototyped visual working examples.

Provided a fully mobile reference site with responsive markup on mobile, tablet and desktop. Installed a process for crystal clear technical direction to development team. Made videos of how the site should scroll and UX would operate.

Design completely new site and build reference responsive markup for the Altis community.

Utilized prior agency style guides to produce an elevated and functional user-experience design.

Applied unique design elements that cater to the 55+ year old demographic.

Design focus of interest-based call-to-actions to drive leads from site visits.

Working with the PIVOT team has been a dream. The level of creativity and professionalism is truly world class. They have been a true partner, taking the time to understand our business and goals. They continue to exceed our expectations by delivering creative and unexpected experiences. We are confident that when we work with the PIVOT team they'll hit it out of the park. We look forward to working with them on many projects to come!

PIVOT helped TRI Pointe Group decrease turnaround time with their development team by 80%, and implemented a new collaborative design process to iterate on visual options. TRI Pointe Group has also experienced exponential growth in their interest lists for the new communities.

After an amazing first delivery, PIVOT was asked to take on a much bigger project for TRI Pointe Group, the Altis Community. This is currently under development.