Too Faced

As a hot brand with exploding viral growth online, Too Faced cosmetics needed help to stabilize their ecommerce platform and absorb massive spikes in traffic. We partnered with Too Faced on ecommerce technology services, and helped them scale their online sales exponentially in a just a couple of years.


Cutting edge cosmetics brand with a growing roster of trendsetting products. In 1998, Too Faced Co-founder and Creative Director, Jerrod Blandino, was working behind the makeup counter. Bored with the limited selection of shades and textures available, Jerrod started to create his own products. Today, the brand inspires women to feel empowered through makeup and to own their dreams, their decisions and their pretty.


Hot brand with viral product launches was crashing the site during high traffic periods.

Overall reliability / Instability issues with old web infrastructure.

Lack of mobile experience was restricting revenue growth.

Manual process inefficiency with multiple systems that did not talk to each other.

Marketing & content management inefficiency.


Moved Too Faced to a brand new eCommerce platform that could grow the brand.

Complete infrastructure overhaul to handle expected growth and traffic load with new product launches.

Mobile responsive site delivery to address the active and youthful Too Faced consumer.

Automated system integration with ERP and multiple 3rd party applications. Implemented tag management solution (Tealium). Email campaign management integratio

Created content module templates in the admin so marketing users could easily and quickly publish within the platform. Mobile SMS marketing implementation.

The PIVOT team brought a professional level of support and care to the Too Faced site design. The close partnership resulted in a fast, long-term platform engine for viral marketing, revenue growth and growing their brand. The success of the launch continues to fuel a close, collaborative partnership for ongoing site enhancements.

During the partnership, sales grew exponentially in just a couple of years. With every new launch, Too Faced was able to process tens of thousands of orders during social campaigns that brought huge spikes in global traffic to the site. The new online brand presence was also able to support viral growth, interest, and consumer email acquisition. Behind the scenes, PIVOT also addressed operational process inefficiencies with back-office integration, and high-quality agile deploys to increase functionality and save time for the internal digital team.