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PIVOT Steps In to Help Improve HUF Worldwide's Ecommerce Store

HUF asked PIVOT for help with strategic consulting on ways to improve website conversion, resolve issues with Google analytics, and execute strategic UX recommendations via Magento 2 Development.

HUF Worldwide needed to improve their website mobile conversion rate and overall user experience for the homepage, navigation, product categories and product detail pages.

After selecting PIVOT, the effort began with our strategy team taking a deep look at the data to understand user flows, conversion analytics by device, new vs returning users, gender, age, region (country), and the overall path-to-purchase.

PIVOT executed two key deliverables that paved the way for design changes:

1 - Website Conversion Optimization & Checkout Study

2 - Google Analytics Site & Marketing Audit

The study produced a list of over 60 immediate and long-term recommendations to improve the shopping experience on Magento, along with suggestions to improve the struggling international conversion rates.

The study also exposed issues with the setup of Google Analytics that was preventing the HUF team from accurately analyzing user behavior. We fixed the tagging issues, and went a step further by recommending ways to clean-up and optimize the GA marketing channel setup, attribution modeling.

The HUF team now has an actionable “playbook” of prioritized fixes and business recommendations for the future. With the roadmap laid out, PIVOT quickly went to work executing the highest-priority changes with a creative redesign and code revamp of key shopping pages to quickly elevate the overall user experience.

The first set of improvements are scheduled to launch in October 2018.

HUF needed a holistic audit of their website and google analytics to address poor site conversion.

TheChallenge( HUF )

Needed strategic direction of next steps within the constraints of limited time and resources.

Needed a partner to execute recommended design changes and front-end Magento 2 development.

Required a guarantee of quality in the code deliverables and overall user experience.

Ensure a bug-free release of all new front-end changes into production.

Website & Mobile Conversion Optimization study and Google Analytics/Marketing audit.

TheSolution( HUF )

Prioritization and timeline of all recommendations ranked by level of effort and business impact.

New creative designs to refresh the navigation, product category page, and product detail pages.

Extensive QA on top devices and browsers to ensure the code accurately reflected the designs.

Delivered a full code merge, smoke testing, and an error-free production release.

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