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Beach Bunny
Shopify PlusCustom DevUI/UXMigration

PIVOT redesigns and revamps Beach Bunny's Shopify store

The team at Beach Bunny needed a full service design and technology partner to revamp their online presence. They selected PIVOT for interim Magento and ERP integration support, immediately followed by a complete creative site redesign, and replatform from Magento to Shopify Plus.

With a fast-growing women’s swimwear brand, the digital team at was struggling to keep up with their online business. They were constantly plagued with Magento platform issues, suffered from debilitating integration errors with their ERP system, and were completely over having to stay current with the required Magento version upgrades.

In order to leap ahead, drive an incredible customer experience, and maintain the beautiful and provocative brand aesthetic, the Beach Bunny team knew they needed to change out their eCommerce platform and select a strong agency partner. The platform needed to be much easier to maintain and manage by the digital team. The partner needed to be “full-service” - able to handle creative design, front-end development, and had in-house technical experts to quickly transition platforms, integrate all back-end systems and 3rd party apps, and provide high-quality ongoing support and development into the future.

Beach Bunny narrowed their list, and ultimately selected Shopify Plus as the new ecommerce engine and PIVOT - a Shopify Plus Partner - to redesign their site and platform to support future growth ambitions. In the interim, PIVOT was also hired to support their existing Magento system, quickly fixing a number of long outstanding website bugs and ERP integration errors.

The new site launched in October of 2018.

TheChallenge( Beach Bunny )

Ongoing errors between Magento and backend ERP system.

For the future, Beach Bunny needed a more nimble, scalable, and fast eCommerce platform.

The site needed a creative redesign to bring it more current and elevate the brand.

UX Challenge! Visually pair bikini tops and bottoms to simplify the buying experience.

Site content had to be easy to maintain by site managers for new product releases.

Site had to support marketing, social, analytics, reviews and many integrations at launch.

PIVOT selected to take over Magento website maintenance, quickly resolving site bugs, and implemented new feature enhancements

TheSolution( Beach Bunny )

PIVOT analyzed the Magento/FullCirlce integration, quickly implementing several permanent fixes that were plaguing operations.

Shopify Plus was selected as the new commerce foundation, and PIVOT as the agency partner to redesign and replatform.

New "mobile-first" creative redesign and custom Shopify Theme that balanced brand content, current trends and easy commerce transactions.

PIVOT designed and developed a custom Tops/Bottoms pairing feature on the PDP, along with other suggested pairings.

Developed a "modular" page design with a variety of CMS templates that allows users to easily rollout fresh content without help from a developer.

Tested and delivered over two dozen 3rd party application integrations on the Shopify Plus platform.

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