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Voluspa Expands Their “Build A Box” Personalization

Voluspa first hired PIVOT in 2020 when they needed an agency to support their global expansion and to migrate their site to Shopify Plus. In 2021, Voluspa asked PIVOT to develop a personalization feature allowing customers to create and personalize their own 3-scent set: “Build A Box.” Most recently, PIVOT completed an additional update to the ‘Build A Box’ personalization, providing additional options for customization for Voluspa’s customers. The new personalization options include the launch of the “3 Tiny Tin Discovery Set” and the “6 Tiny Tin Discovery Set”.

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TheChallenge( Voluspa )

PIVOT had to develop upon a core build that was initially created for one personalized scent set. The addition of the new Discovery Sets would need to allow customers the opportunity to decide not only between scents of candles but also sizes and quantities for their personalized boxes without losing functionality.

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TheSolution( Voluspa )

The PIVOT team expanded upon the core ‘Build A Box’ personalization feature to create the option for additional scent sets. The development consisted of adding new features to the front end to support different gift box layout displays and filtering with mix-and-match options to sort by fragrance and container color.

PIVOT’s desktop UI/UX design of Voluspa’s Gift Set Customizer

To support the second phase of the ‘Build A Box’ personalization, the PIVOT team used Vue.js to execute the build of the user interface and power the experience for users. PIVOT also integrated the preferred Shopify app, Yotpo, to collect product reviews and ratings for the various gift box sets.

PIVOT’s desktop UI/UX design of Voluspa’s gift set box preview
PIVOT’s mobile UI/UX design of Voluspa’s mini cart
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