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Shopify Introduces Shopify Audiences

Find your next best customer with Shopify’s new app: Shopify Audiences. Shopify understands how difficult and expensive finding new customers has become in the world of digital advertising - so they’ve worked to achieve a new way to find and target high-interest buyers on advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

What is it? Shopify Audiences uses a shared audience network to generate potential customers and helps convert more sales.

“Shopify Audiences uses a shared audience network to generate potential customers and helps convert more sales.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply select a product you wish to sell. Shopify Audiences will then generate a list of buyers that are likely to purchase the type of product you are trying to sell
  • Export the generated audience list into your preferred Ads account. *Shopify Audiences is currently available for Facebook and Instagram Ads. More ad platforms will be integrated in the future
  • Import your audience into your Facebook or Instagram Ad account and then launch the ad campaigns) set to target that audience
  • Shopify Audiences is designed for privacy. Customer data and audience lists will be encrypted and transmitted securely when exporting to ad platforms

How this will improve your prospecting:

  • Shopify Audiences allows for a better return on ad spend and lowers conversion costs with enhanced top of funnel targeting
  • The app includes an improved algorithm that always provides fresh, high-intent audiences
  • Offers the ability to use audiences for look-a-like campaigns to drive more acquisition
  • Easy use with tracking and managing everything from your Shopify admin page

Shopify Audiences is available to Shopify storefronts in the U.S. and Canada who are on the Shopify Plus plan and use Shopify payments. If you’re looking to find high-intent buyers and increase the likelihood of conversions, visit for more information.

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