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Shopify vs Magento

eCommerce Solutions

So many choices, which eCommerce platform is right for you?

Shopify vs Magento
Shopify vs Magento

Depending on the age and size of your company, the size of your existing eCommerce business, the types of products you sell, and access to in-house resources, there may be one platform that is more suited for you than another. Furthermore, within the space of even one company, there are many versions and options to choose from. PIVOT has the expertise and experience to help you choose and implement the platform that best fits your needs for online growth.

Let's examine two of the biggest, fastest-growing players in the industry.

  • vs.

We will explore these factors

  • eCommerce platform overview
  • Your Online Business
  • Costs
  • Control – custom design, development
  • Infrastructure
  • Integration options
  • Global perspective
  • B2B eCommerce for wholesale
  • Platform growth & support
  • Other considerations

Platform Overview

New or Growing Businesses

  • Basic Shopify

    $29/mo & 2.9% cc fees + 30¢

    All the basics for starting a new business. Great for start-ups with a small product offering. Separate sites are a separate license.

  • Shopify

    $79/mo & 2.6% cc fees + 30¢

    Everything you need for a growing business. Better transactional fees than Basic. Designed for expanding product lines and increasing traffic. For smaller teams of 5 people or less. Separate sites are a separate license.

  • Advanced Shopify

    $299/mo & 2.4% cc fees + 30¢

    Advanced features for scaling your business. Improved transaction fees, advanced reporting, and 3rd party shipping integration at checkout. 15 seats for a bigger team.

  • Magento OpenSource

    Free! (well, the download is)

    A flexible, free, open source commerce platform for developers and small businesses. Has a reduced feature set. Formerly known as "Community Edition"

  • Magento Commerce Starter

    Starting at $2,000/month

    Recommended for small to medium sized merchants getting started on their online journey. Entry-level pricing that steps up as sales grow. This does not include B2B. Magento Commerce is formerly known as Magento Enterprise.

Medium - Large Companies

  • Shopify Plus

    Starting at $2,000/month
    w/ variable per-transactions fees

    Enterprise-grade solutions with dedicated support for high volume merchants, and large businesses. 100% SaaS and offers a B2B offering for companies that sell in the wholesale/retail channel.

  • Magento Commerce Pro

    Starting at $3,416/month

    Recommended for large organizations who need dedicated, enterprise-grade reliability and availability. Prices increase into tiers based on annual sales. Pro also unlocks the wholesale B2B ecommerce offering for customers that wish to sell to retailers online. Magento Commerce is formerly known as Magento Enterprise.

**Note: All pricing represents list prices as of March 2018. All prices subject to change and can vary based on individual customers.

Shopify Plus vs Shopify

Magento Commerce Starter vs Pro

Your eCommerce Business


Control - Going Custom!


Integration Options

Global Perspective

B2B Wholesale

Platform Growth Support

Other Considerations

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